Disaster Relief


The Foodbank is part of VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster), serving as the fiscal agent and leader. During a disaster, the Foodbank is prepared to respond with food and necessary water for those that become displaced.

Please visit the VOAD website for more information:  www.VOADsbc.org.

Be Prepared

Earthquakes, fire, flood or other disaster require immediate response. Planning ahead and practicing your response will help you react quickly. Planning ahead includes taking some time to collect emergency contact information, family medical information, key telephone numbers and insurance information. Below you will find information for getting started.

  1. Make an emergency plan
  2. Prepare an emergency kit
  3. Stay informed about current conditions

For information about disaster preparedness and creating a disaster preparedness kit that meet the needs of your home and family; please visit the following websites:

  • The state of California Office of Emergency Services has useful information for you, your family, home, and pets. Please visit Be Prepared California for more information. www.bepreparedcalifornia.ca.gov
  • The Santa Barbara County Chapter of the American Red Cross is the premier disaster response organization. They offer disaster preparedness classes, CPR and first aid training and numerous other emergency readiness workshops for you and your family. Please visit the Red Cross website. www.redcross.org/ca/santa-barbara
  • VOAD offers information and planning materials at their Emergency Preparedness for Individuals and Families web page.

Additional information to become familiar with:

In the event of an emergency evacuation, if there is a loss of communications and you and/or your family is separated from one another, decide on a safe place to meet (home, school, workplace, etc) and discuss the travel route that you will most likely use.

Find a safe place to go in and near your house where nothing can fall on you. Decide on a safe place to meet outside the house.
Remember how to ‘Drop, Cover, and Hold On’.

Install smoke alarms on each level of your home and check (every six months) to make sure they work (replace batteries when necessary).

  • Create two escape routes for your family.
  • Pick a safe place to meet outside of the house.
  • Conduct regular fire drills.
  • Have a working fire extinguisher with all adults in the home capable of operating the extinguisher.

If possible, take your emergency kit with you and always have a full tank of gas (this will allow you to leave quickly).

If it has been raining steadily, pay attention to TV and radio for the possibility of a flood. In the case of evacuation, make sure you take your emergency kit and always have a full tank of gas (this will allow you to leave quickly).

Who is Served

Anyone in Santa Barbara County that becomes displaced as a result of a local disaster including you, your family, your home, and pets.

Role in Continuum of Programs

The Foodbank is one of many local organizations that make up VOAD and each contributes based on its particular resources. The Foodbank provides a resource for food and water with distribution coordinated through other VOAD members such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. The Foodbank’s two warehouse facilities can also act as a logistical and communication hub during a disaster.

Program Impact

The Foodbank’s participation in VOAD is meant to ensure that food is available to everyone in need due to a disaster in Santa Barbara County. It coordinates both food availability and distribution logistics with other local organizations utilizing their particular strengths and expertise to create a strong and prepared local relief and recovery resource.

Program Sites

The Foodbank’s participation in VOAD disaster relief will be based out of one or both of its warehouse facilities. Other participating organizations will have their own specific operational directives.

Program Partners

Please visit the VOAD website at www.VOADsbc.org for information on participating organizations.