There is an abundance of food, knowledge and philanthropy in our community. Only by working together can we channel this bounty to its greatest impact. Our partners include 300 local nonprofits, companies and civic groups, Community leaders and volunteers of every age… and YOU!

Last year, volunteers contributed 25,026 hours of their valuable time. This support saves thousands of dollars and allows the Foodbank to provide more resources to the community. THANK YOU

How to Get Started Volunteering:

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North County (Santa Maria, Lompoc, or Santa Ynez Areas)

South County (Santa Barbara or Carpinteria Areas)

Not in Santa Barbara County (Volunteer from Home/Remote)

Community Impact Volunteers

  • Our community leadership model increases our impact and sustainability while creating an incredibly powerful, long-standing network of people engaged in solving nutritional problems in our county.

    Community Leader

    With a weekly or monthly commitment, we will empower you to become a community leader by providing training in skills ranging from growing your own food to food literacy curricula for children. Meet our Community Leaders.

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    Knowledge Philanthropist

    What’s a knowledge philanthropist? Someone (or a group) that uses a special skill to advance the Foodbank’s mission in the area of technology, fund development, logistics, finance etc. Meet our Knowledge Philanthropists.



    Local families are getting involved with the Foodbank through family-focused volunteer projects and activities.


    Find out more about our Saturday Family Days at our facilities and the JOIN JACOB Team!