Community Leadership

Foodbank is pleased to play a leadership role in community solutions:

IMG_9480-2202064780-OBridges Out of Poverty

The Foodbank is bringing in an innovative training program for community organizations that work with people in situational and generational poverty, called ‘Bridges out of Poverty’. This looks through an economic lens and uses an examination of mental models that we generate around key areas of our lives.  It empowers them to build the social capital and other resources required to make breakthroughs in their lives. We are reworking the curriculum with local organization Just Communities to make it more culturally sensitive and specific and then will be training staff from Foodbank nonprofit partners to teach the 12 week course to clients. It is an exciting way for us to help people move beyond the need for emergency food. We need help with finishing the curriculum and assisting with planning and running pilot programs.

agency-leaders-summit1Agency Leaders Summit

The Foodbank leads collaboration amongst community organizations so we can learn from each other.

“Our 2013 Agency Leaders Summit was a truly amazing learning experience for me personally, to hear strategies from so many of our partner agencies reminded me of the powerful impact of our collaboration on the health of our community. We are so proud to be associated with them.” Erik Talkin, CEO, at 2013 Foodbank Agency Leaders Summit

Agency Express

Foodbank’s online ordering and logistics system, piloted Spring 2013, now in use by all of our nonprofit partners to significantly increase the efficiency of our distribution and logistics process.

guide-to-nutrition-programs-logoFoodbank of Santa Barbara County: Guide to Nutrition Programs

First and foremost, the Guide to Nutrition Programs is a visual aid for assessing the different resources throughout our county. The Guide to Nutrition Programs allows the nonprofit, philanthropic, government, and funding community to see the need for hunger relief and nutrition resources relative to the availability of those services.

Created by the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County in collaboration with interns from the University of California Santa Barbara Geographic Information Systems Department, The Guide to Nutrition Programs is an interactive map, providing a comprehensive listing of hunger-relief and nutrition resources throughout our county.

Points of food distributions throughout Santa Barbara County are plotted and each point is clickable and includes a variety of different information about the distribution such as; service type, people served, hours of operation, eligibility criteria, how to enroll, and pounds served.

In addition, the Foodbank has juxtaposed these food and nutrition resources over poverty information released through the 2010 Census. Locations throughout the county have been arranged into census blocks – which are specifically designated to represent certain demographics of similar size. Within each one of these clickable census blocks one can see the level of poverty and the amount of supplemental food needed to sustain that population.

The Guide can be used to:
  • Determine where to allocate resources (food, funds, etc.)
  • View neighboring distribution points
  • See what food distribution services are offered in your area
  • Find locations of specific food distribution types (for example, a location of a nearby youth organization)
  • Determine which areas of the county are at highest need
  • Plan internally on geographic areas of expansion