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Campaign For a Hunger-Free Tomorrow

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County must replace our deficient south county warehouse with one that has the capacity to accommodate the local need for daily and emergency food distributions. We need to be able to distribute food in a timely way to feed our community’s hungriest families, seniors and children.

Our challenge has not been a shortage of food, but a lack of warehouse space.

Our current 9,000 square foot warehouse can only store 15% of the food required to serve our area.

32,000 pounds of fresh produce is turned away every week because we don’t have adequate refrigeration space.

Trucking from north county creates higher costs and inefficiencies.

If a disaster closes highways 101 or 154, there would be no south county emergency food storage.


The Solution: A new south-county warehouse

After an extensive search, we have identified a 57,000-square-foot warehouse with an attached 20,000-square-foot office building in Goleta.

The new warehouse is 5½ times the size of our current warehouse,
and will be able to store more than 750,000 pounds of food,
making nearly 585,000 meals available for immediate distribution.

To make this possible, the Foodbank has launched a $15 million capital campaign.

BUILDING READINESS: Campaign For a Hunger-Free Tomorrow

Your participation will provide the support needed to purchase and retrofit the new warehouse and office building.

Each naming opportunity offers you a chance to make a lasting difference and a positive impact in the lives of people facing food insecurity and hunger.

Download our campaign brochure and pledge form

For more information on the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County and our Capital Campaign,
please contact:Dan Thomas
Capital Campaign Director
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County
(805) 357–5751

1525 State St., Ste 100
Santa Barbara, CA 93101