Cause Related Marketing Guidelines & Benefits

We look forward to partnering with you.

All businesses engaging in a Cause Related Marketing Campaign with the Foodbank must sign an agreement that clarifies the campaign, goal and action items. The Foodbank will work with you to select frequency and timing of the campaign. All Cause Related Marketing Campaign partners are expected to generate publicity for the campaign through social media outlets available to them or in-kind media. Partners are expected to promote the Foodbank and campaign through their business communications and website.

How to get started

  • Please review the Cause Related Marketing benefit tiers (based on cumulative annually giving) to determine the capacity of your campaign.
  • Please fill out the Cause Related Marketing Campaign Agreement.
  • Please email the agreement to Leslie Velez or call (805) 967-5741 x 110.

Using the Foodbank name/logo

All rights, title and interest in its marks shall at all times remain with the Foodbank. The Foodbank reserves the right to approve, in advance, the use of any artwork associated with the promotion. All media and marketing materials must be approved by the Foodbank.

To support your efforts while balancing our own limited staff resources, the Foodbank is able to provide varying levels of assistance based on the level of campaign benefit:

Cause Related Marketing benefit tiers (based on annual giving through campaign(s))

Donations under $499:

  • Twitter/Facebook posts by the Foodbank (1 announcing and 1 thank you)
  • If requested, Foodbank confirmation letter to support your efforts

Donation of $500 to $999:

  • Items above, plus:
    • Twitter/Facebook posts by the Foodbank (additional: 1 call to action post)
    • Listing on the cause marketing page on the Foodbank website

Donation of $1,000 to $2,499:

  • Items above, plus:
    • Support your joint press bulletin, providing that the promotion falls within a mutually agreeable media window
    • Foodbank option to speak at an event associated with promotion, if schedule permits
    • Twitter/Facebook posts by the Foodbank (additional 2 call to action posts– depending on campaign length)
    • Logo linked to business website on the cause marketing page
    • One-time inclusion in “News from the Foodbank” monthly enewsletter

Donation of $2,500 and above:

  • Items above, plus:
    • Exclusive campaign announcement from Foodbank to current business partners
    • Quote on the cause marketing page of the Foodbank’s website
    • Foodbank distributes cross-promotional materials
    • Joint press release to targeted media partners, providing that the promotion falls within a mutually agreeable media window
    • Business name listed for 12 months on Corporate Partners page of Foodbank website

Donor Privacy

The Foodbank respects the privacy of its donors. For all cause-marketing programs, we cannot share our mailing list or send mail to constituents on behalf of third parties. We encourage other means of promotion with appropriate use of the Foodbank name/logo according to the levels above.