Distribution to Foodbank Non-Profit Partners


By supporting the Foodbank, you are supporting the good work of 300 nonprofit partners and programs countywide. Below is a sampling of some of our local nonprofit partners showing how many pounds (and the meal conversion) of nutritious food and produce the Foodbank provided them last year, the fair market value and cost to the non-profit. The Foodbank subsidizes 100% of its non-profit partners’ produce needs and the costs associated (purchasing, transportation and storage) to distribute 4.85 million of produce annually, while some items are purchased by the Foodbank on behalf of non-profit partners at deeply discounted bulk rates.

“Without the support of the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County we would not be able to provide our members with meals and healthy snack options when schools are out of session,” Ashlyn Shrahle, Club Director United Boys & Girls Club of SB County, Goleta Unit.

“The Foodbank staff has been phenomenal and their humility and passion have allowed CHC to help the people of the central coast in our efforts to better the health outcomes of our community creating food access. We want to thank the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County for being key allies in our mission to bring health and wellness to our patients. Thank You!” Noemi Velasquez, Outreach Program for Community Health Centers

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Foodbank Non-Profit Partner
Pounds/Meal Equivalent
Fair Market Value
Cost to
Allan Hancock-Santa Maria
82,845 Lbs/ 64,722.66 meals
Associated Students of UCSB
107,134 Lbs/83,698.44 meals
Buenaventura Farms
419,283 Lbs/327,564.84 meals
Catholic Charities-Isla Vista 66,330 Lbs/51,820.23 meals $69,448.89 $4,465.54
Central City Labor 58,505 Lbs/ 45,707.03 meals $84,680.80 $3,394.36
Community Health Centers
143,337 Lbs/ 111,982 meals
Coast Valley Men’s Home 17,561 Lbs./13,719.53 meals $29,224.58 $1,268.92
Diabetes Impact Group 10,306 Lbs/8,051.21 meals $13,528.35 $15.03
Family Service Agency
54,627 Lbs/42,677.34 meals
Grace Food Pantry 77,918 Lbs/ 60,873.24 meals $85,922.23 $8,687.69
Good Samaritan Shelter Inc. 44,229 Lbs/34,553.91 meals $73,385.96 $2,650.08
Ladies Recovery for Life
659 Lbs/514.84 meals
Lompoc Recovery Learning 51,601 Lbs/40,313.28 meals
Iglesia Bautista El Calvario
104,005.2 Lbs/81,254.06 meals
Martha’s Meals 80,940 Lbs/63,234.84 meals $104,121.99 $11,102.60
Network for a Healthy California
37,997 Lbs/29,685.16 meals
Nipomo Food Basket 102,884 Lbs/80,378.13 meals
Pacific Christian- Angel Food
664,973 Lbs/519,510.9 meals
People Assisting the Homeless 35,951 Lbs/28,086.72 meals $42,063.50 $5,583.25
People Helping People-Solvang 102,099 Lbs/79,764.88 meals
Salvation Army -Soup Kitchen
98,452.25 Lbs/76,915.82 meals
SB Mental Wellness Center 22,851 Lbs/17,852.34 meals $30,522.83 $3,535.16
Unity Shoppe 173,339 Lbs/135,421.02 meals $182,336.49 $1,929.98
Victory Harvest
48,700 Lbs/38,047.23 meals
Vineyard Christian Fellowship 54,659 Lbs/42,702.34 meals $68,541.94 $3,294.27
Will Bridge of Santa Barbara
13,642 Lbs./10,657.77 meals
Wisdom Center 17,631 Lbs/13,774.22 meals $24,092.54 $1,059.02