To SIGN UP FOR SENIOR HOME DELIVERY: Please DIAL 805-357-5761 . Find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions here.

For information about what to do for healthy food during and after POWER OUTAGES, click here: PowerShutoffFactSheet.



You Can Help

Right now, our most-needed items are financial donations, volunteers, and homemade masks! Food donations can only be made at 4554 Hollister Ave. between 1 and 3pm, or at 490 W. Foster Rd. in the bin outside.

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Beyond Food

If you need information on how to use your Foodbank food, maintain your mental and physical health and wellness, or find other financial and family resources, visit our COVID-19 Resources page.

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What We’re Doing

Since Covid-19 safety measures took effect, the Foodbank has tripled the amount of food it provides to community members facing hunger and food insecurity. 

Safe Food Net – Call 211

County residents may call 211 for information about SAFE Food Net food distribution sites, and Frequently Asked Questions. If calling from outside Santa Barbara County, dial 800-400-1572. 

Drive-Thru Distributions

22 drive-thru food distributions are making receiving healthy food easy, discreet and extremely safe.

Community members answer three questions at the first stop: name, number in household and whether this is the first time they’re receiving food this month. At the second stop, volunteers load food bags into the back of the vehicle, and recipients drive away with healthy groceries and fresh produce.

SAFE Home Delivery for Seniors – Call 805-357-5761

Annually, the Foodbank serves 20,000 low-income seniors across the county. All of those enrolled in the Foodbank’s Brown Bag programs will automatically receive food delivered to their homes.

All seniors (60 and over, or 55 and over with a disability who self-certify, no doctor’s note required) may call 211 to sign up to receive SAFE Food Net healthy groceries and fresh produce at home.

If calling from outside the county, dial 805-357-5761

Individual volunteer drivers may sign up for home delivery routes.

Volunteer to get started

Increased Need for Food

A visible, staggering increase in the need for food is evident throughout the county. Foodbank provided 2.25 million pounds of healthy groceries and fresh produce since the response began. Volunteers are packing 6,000 grocery bags per week. 

Individuals may drop off home-grown produce or non-perishable foods at either of the Foodbank’s warehouses. If you would like to donate food, please bring it to the warehouse at 4554 Hollister Ave. between 1 and 3pm, or place it in the bin outside of the warehouse located 490 W. Foster Rd. 

Institutions and businesses with food to donate should call (805) 967-5741 to arrange for drop-off or pickup.


All Foodbank distributions and volunteer service fall into the sanctioned category of “essential services” and community members may participate with the full support of the State of California, the Santa Barbara County Emergency Operations Center, Public Health Department, and Sheriff’s Department.

National Guard

20 National Guard personnel have joined the Foodbank to provide skilled labor support to meet increased operational volunteer/staffing needs. Number of personnel and length of deployment will be re-assessed as the crisis unfolds.

The Disaster Feeding Plan

Over the past 18 months, the Foodbank has led a community effort to create a Disaster Feeding Plan in collaboration with disaster and emergency response agencies in the government, health care, education and nonprofit sectors.  The plan helps ensure everyone in Santa Barbara County can be fed in case of a large-scale disaster. Other participants at the Feeding Plan Task Force activation include County of Santa Barbara Office of Emergency Management/Emergency Operations Center and Public Health Department, Red Cross, Southern Baptist Church, City of Carpinteria, City of Santa Maria Fire Department and Community Long-Term Recovery Group.

Local updates and recommendations regarding COVID-19 are available from the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

Government, health and nonprofit partners may also contact the Foodbank directly for assistance: Jamie Diggs, Partner Services Manager, phone: (805) 967-5741 ext. 303; or email: jdiggs@foodbanksbc.org.

Our COVID-19 response efforts would not have been possible without the generous support of the following organizations:

Major Contributors: $100,000+

Essential Partners: $50,000+


Essential Partners: $25,000+


Foodbank Supporters: $10,000+


The Foodbank serves as the primary food resource during an emergency in Santa Barbara County. Operating as the lead organization of Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster in Santa Barbara County (VOAD-SBC), we provide community relief and preparedness education.

Read about our other efforts related to disaster preparedness and relief here.