The Great CA Shake Out Earthquake Drill 2021

Get Ready to Shake Out! 

The Great CA Shakeout Earthquake Drill
Thursday, October 21st at 10:10 a.m.

Earthquakes are an ever-present risk in certain regions of the country and around the world. What you do now will strongly impact your quality of life afterwards. When an earthquake strikes, everyone must respond immediately in order to stay safe. The Shakeout Drill is a great opportunity for everyone in our community, workplace and home to practice responding together.

On October 21st we will begin at 10:10 am with a brief presentation discussing the seven steps to earthquake safety. Then we will practice our “Drop Cover and Hold” (Yes we will be actually doing it). We will hold for 60 seconds, while we hear the sound of glass breaking and the earth rumble.
The main goal of participating in the ShakeOut is to get our staff prepared for major earthquakes. Sign up to receive the Zoom link below!