Brown Bag Program

The Brown Bag programs provides two bags of groceries and fresh produce each month to seniors facing food insecurity in Santa Barbara County. The program is designed to supplement food budgets and allow seniors to maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle. To become a participant in the program, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page or reach out to the contacts listed below. 

OC2513RB_FoodBank331-LStarted in 1983, our Brown Bag Programs for Seniors currently serves 1,026 low-income seniors on fixed incomes who struggle with housing, health care and other costs. Twice a month, at 15 Brown Bag distributions throughout the county, the Foodbank provides a grocery bag of nutritious staple foods including high-protein items, canned soups, pasta, cereal, eggs, bread and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Over 150 volunteers, many of whom are Brown Bag program participants, are essential to the success of the program, helping assemble bags of groceries and making home deliveries.

Who is Served

More than a thousand very low-income older people in Santa Barbara County struggle to pay for housing, health care and basic needs on fixed incomes. The average Brown Bag recipient is a 75-year-old woman living on less than $900 a month. Some participants, who have a doctor’s note verifying that they cannot reach a Brown Bag program location independently, receive groceries and produce by home delivery.

Program Impact

Our Brown Bag program allows participants to supplement their food budgets and to maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle.

In celebration of Older Americans Month, the Brown Bag Program was awarded the 2013 Senior Citizen Program of the Year by the Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens – Area Agency on Aging & AARP representing both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties for our impact in the senior community.

Program Sites

North County

  • Foursquare Church, Santa Maria
  • Riverview Townhomes, Guadalupe
  • Dick DeWees Center, Lompoc
  • Stanley Horne Homes Weitzel Center, Lompoc
  • Orcutt Presbyterian Church
  • PSHH Valentine Court, Santa Maria
  • Vineyard Church, Santa Maria
  • Golden Village, Santa Ynez
  • Village Chapel, Lompoc

South County

  • Goleta Valley Community Center
  • Pilgrim Terrace, Santa Barbara
  • Presidio Springs, Santa Barbara
  • St. Vincent’s Villa Caridad, Santa Barbara
  • Carpinteria Veteran’s Building
  • Westside Neighborhood Center, Santa Barbara

Program Partners

Opportunities to Get Involved

Additional resources for seniors.

Sign up for the Brown Bag Program

Thank you for applying to the Brown Bag Program. In order to qualify as a recipient, each applicant must be over 60 years old  OR 55 years old with a disability and must self-certify that they make below the following Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) Maximum Income Guidelines listed below.

Gracias por solicitar su participación en el Programa Brown Bag. Para ser elegible cada solicitante deberá tener 60 años o más o 55 años con una discapacidad y auto-certificar que su ingreso mensual no excede los límites de ingreso máximo establecidos para el Programa de Ayuda para Alimentos de Emergencia (EFAP), como se indica más abajo.

**Please Note: If you don’t have an email address, home address, or phone number; please just type ‘none’ in the answer box. Maximum income requirement is $1,561.25 for individuals and $2,113.75 for couples.**

** Tenga en cuenta: si no tiene una dirección de correo electrónico, domicilio o número de teléfono; simplemente escriba “ninguno” en el cuadro de respuesta. El requisito de ingreso máximo es de $ 1,561.25 para individuos y $ 2,113.75 para parejas. **

Your Name / Nombre

Birthdate / Fecha(s) de Nacimiento

Address / Dirección

Phone Number / Teléf

E-mail Please note: If you do not a have an email, type any letter.
Correo electrónico Nota: si no tiene un correo electrónico, escriba cualquier carta.

City / Ciudad

Zip / Código

Gender / Sexo

Monthly household income of Applicant / Ingreso(s) mensual familiar

Are you the head of the household? / ¿Es el jefe de su unidad familiar?

Ethnicity / Raza/Etnia
African American/AfroamericanoCaucasian/CaucasianoAmerican Indian/Indio americanoAsian/AsiáticoPacific Islander/Isleño del PacíficoLatino

Local Emergency Contact Name / Contacto local para emergencias

Local Emergency Contact Phone Number / Contacto local para emergencias Teléf.

I verify that all the information provided is true and promise to adhere to the following guidelines (please read and initial each of the following items): / Confirmo que toda la información que incluyo es verdadera y prometo que cumplo con lo establecido a continuación (por favor, lea y escriba sus iniciales en cada uno de los incisos siguientes):

I agree that my household income does not exceed monthly EFAP Income Guidelines. / Estoy de acuerdo que el ingreso de mi núcleo familiar no excede el límite mensual de EFAP

EFAP Maximum Income Guidelines. / El límite máximo de ingreso mensual de EFAP es:

  • Individual - $1,561.25 / Individuo - $1,561.25/li>
  • Couple - $2,113.75 / Pareja - $2,113.75

I agree that I will not receive food from any other USDA Food Distribution agencies. / Estoy de acuerdo que no recibo alimentos de otras agencias de distribución de la USDA

I agree to inform the Foodbank of change to my personal contact information. / Estoy de acuerdo en informarle a Foodbank cualquier cambio que haya en la información de contacto.

I understand it is my responsibility to pick up my Brown Bag at my assigned distribution site unless other arrangements have been made. / Entiendo que es mi responsabilidad recoger mi bolsa de alimentos en el sitio de distribución asignado a no ser que se haya acordado de otra manera.

I will inform the Foodbank if I will be out of town or otherwise unable to receive my Brown Bag minimum 48 hours prior to the next distribution. I understand that after 3 missed pickups, I will be dropped from the program and must apply again. / Le informaré al Foodbank si no estaré en casa o si no podré recibir mi bolsa de alimentos, con mínimo de 48 horas antes de la próxima distribución. Entiendo que después de perder 3 distribuciones, ya no formaré parte del programa y tendré que hacer una nueva solicitud.

By signing this agreement, I understand that by not complying with the guidelines listed that it will result in the consequences listed. / AAl firmar este acuerdo, entiendo que si no cumplo con lo establecido arriba me atendré a las consecuencias mencionadas.

For more information about this program, please contact the following:

North County (Santa Maria, Lompoc, Orcutt, Guadalupe, Santa Ynez, Buellton, Los Alamos, Solvang, New Cuyama):
Genesis Gutierrez at

South County (Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria):
Jareli Jimenez at

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