Children’s Health Initiative

As a solution to the increasing problems of childhood hunger and the many associated issues, the Foodbank launched the Children’s Health Initiative. Our goal is to alleviate childhood hunger, address the consequences of poor nutrition and inspire action through this initiative. Moreover, the Children’s Health Initiative addresses critical unmet nutritional needs of children, particularly those from low-income families, and contributes to improved food literacy and health of all members of families who are at-risk for food insecurity, hunger, and diet-related health problems (i.e., obesity, type 2 diabetes).

We support a countywide network of health and human services non profits which focus on children by providing them with nutritious food, produce and resources. All of our nonprofit partner organizations countywide that support low-income children and our Feed the Future programs fall under this initiative.

Collectively, these organizations and programs fill gaps in food service outlets in times of high need among children. Our Feed the Future programs are widely run by volunteers, engaging over 300 members of the community in administering food literacy, distributing food and managing the collection of data. Children participate at no cost.

The Children’s Health Initiative works to track these outcomes:

  • Reduce the instance of hunger among children year round;
  • Increase children’s knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating;
  • Build skills and resources among low-income communities to maintain good health;
  • Contribute to healthy behaviors among children and their families, including increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduced consumption of junk foods, avoiding diet-related health problems such as obesity and type-2 diabetes.