Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies: Prenatal Nutrition Program

Expected start date: January 2017

A lifetime of good nutrition begins with your mother. By working with expectant mothers, we hope to not only improve the health of expectant moms and their babies, but also to invite them to train with us to become nutritional leaders in our community.

Who is Served

Expectant mothers

Role in Foodbank’s sequence/continuum of Programs

Serves as a precursor for the Feed the Future programs

Program Impact

With more evidence supporting the role of good maternal nutrition influencing long-term health impacts of children Healthy Babies, Healthy Mothers targets an important time to effect change. Potential impacts for the program include mothers’ having consistent access to appropriate foods that promote maternal and fetal health, knowledge acquisition of healthy and safe food preparation techniques and the development of a social support system that promotes good nutrition throughout pregnancy.