Impact Groups

In line with the Strategic Plan, Foodbank operations encompass activities that are based on a mission driven structure that focus on both geographic areas (assessing needs, gaps in services) and strategic initiative based areas (e.g. food insecurity, food literacy, poverty, public health & advocacy) that will bring together right partners for maximum impact in these areas.

Impact Group Outline

  1. The Foodbank will meet with community stakeholders over a period of several months to invite participation.
  2. Once a wide variety of stakeholders commit to participating in an Impact Group, the Foodbank will convene a Town Hall Meeting with an to the specific geographic  area where the community suffers from high poverty and lack of food access and food insecurity.
  3. Once formed, the Geographic Impact Group will convene to set discuss Town Hall findings, and work toward setting 3-4 achievable goals. The 12 month project may not begin from that initial meeting due to a learning curve which occurs with people from diverse sectors without understanding what is already in place addressing hunger and poverty in this community. The Guide To Nutrition Program (GTNP) will be a tool used to educate participants.
  4. The Foodbank will use ReAim for evaluation and share out year end results.
  5. The Impact Group will then schedule three meetings over a 12 month period to attend, with the first agenda being to set achievable goals. The Foodbank will facilitate these meetings.

12 Month Goal Suggestions

  • Organizational – Building the group, benefits of cooperation, identifying overall service gaps
  • Service Increase – Identify crucial service urgently needed to increase
  • New Service – Identify new service needs for the community
  • Advocacy Goal – Work with community in building wider involvement
  1. The Foodbank will host an Impact Group Blog on our website, facilitating the sharing of information, progress on goals, challenges and successes.
  2. The 6 month group meeting will convene and review accomplishments and challenges. Then plan accordingly the year end so as to reach set goals or set out on adjusted goals. The Foodbank will share measurable outcomes to date.
  3. The 12 month group meeting – What stories came from our community? How did we do in setting our goals and reaching them? Should we continue another 12 months? Expand the group to include wider diversity? How effective were we?

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