Mobile Food Pantry

Launched in 1999

Mobile Food Pantry brings food distributions to low-income neighborhoods throughout Santa Barbara County. Anyone is welcome to come to any of these of distributions and pick up groceries free of charge; there is no sign-up or registration process necessary. Mobile Food Pantries distribute nutritional staples like rice, beans, canned goods, bread, protein items, and fresh produce.  Click here to find the location nearest you.


Started in 1999, with a small grant from UPS and a donated ‘retired’ beverage truck, the Foodbank made its first Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) delivery to a small parking lot in Santa Barbara; offering 800 pounds of food to 20 families. In those days emergency food consisted of a loaf of bread, a bag of beans and a large chunk of cheese.

As of March 2019, the Foodbank has 20 monthly Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) distribution sites and 13 weekly or monthly Mobile Farmers Market sites, targeting high-need neighborhoods and rural corners of the county. Two or three times every week, in parking lots, community centers and convenient neighborhood locations, you can find our Mobile Food Pantry and Mobile Farmers Market set-up supplying nutritious and fresh food directly to those who need it.

These “pantries on wheels” play a fundamental role in feeding hungry people. Every month, individuals and families living in Lompoc, Santa Maria, Los Alamos, Buellton, New Cuyama, Guadalupe, Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Carpinteria have access to emergency food services which may not be available to them through traditional food distributions sources.

Not only do Mobile Food Pantries offer accessible opportunities, but the Foodbank has made a commitment to providing the most nutritional food available. Our Mobile Food Pantries and Mobile Farmers Markets provide 3,000 to 10,000 pounds of food at every distribution..

Who is Served

Anyone in need of food is welcome to receive food at our Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) or Mobile Farmers Market (MFM) distributions. We strive to serve neighborhoods where few existing food distributions are located.

Program Impact

The Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) and Mobile Farmers Market (MFM) Programs provide more than 131,500 pounds of healthy food a month to 21,804 unduplicated individuals in 30 underserved areas of the county.

Program Sites

20 monthly Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) distribution sites (groceries and fresh produce) and
10 monthly or weekly Mobile Farmers Markets (MFM) (fresh fruit and veggies only), including:

Santa Barbara

  • Franklin Community Center (MFP & MFM)
    1136 E Montecito St
    MFP 3rd Tuesday / 1:30pm
    MFM Every Thursday / 1pm
  • Franklin Elementary School (MFP & MFM)
    1111 E Mason St
    MFP 4th Tuesday / 3pm
    MFM 2nd Tuesday / 3pm
  • Nomad Village (MFP)
    4326 Calle Real / 3rd Friday / 3pm
  • Positano Apartments (MFP)
    11 Camino de Vida / 3rd Monday / 3pm
  • Lower Westside / Children’s Park (MFP & MFM)
    520 Wentworth Ave
    MFP 1st Tuesday / 1pm
    MFM 2nd Tuesday / 1pm
  • Westside Community Center (MFM)
    423 W Victoria St / Every Monday / 1pm


  • Goleta Valley Community Center (MFP)
    5701 Hollister / 4th Thursday / 3pm
  • Sandpiper Apartments (MFP)
    375 Ellwood / 1st Thursday / 9am


  • St. Joseph Church (MFP & MFM)
    1532 Linden Ave
    MFP 1st Wednesday / 1pm
    MFM 3rd Wednesday / 1:30pm
  • Carpinteria Children’s Project (MFP)
    5201 8th St / 4th Wednesday / 4:30-5:30pm

Los Alamos

  • Senior Center (MFM)
    690 Bell St / 2nd Wednesday / 3pm


  • Crossroads Church (MFM)
    236 La Lata Dr / 2nd Wednesday / 12noon

Santa Ynez

  • Santa Ynez Elementary School (MFP)
    3525 Pine St / Usually 3rd Friday
    Call to confirm time/day (805) 686-7310
  • Golden Inn & Village (MFP)
    890 Refugio Rd / 4th Monday / 3pm

Santa Maria

  • Christian Family Church (MFM)
    324 N Suey / Every Tuesday / 11am
  • Evans Park (MFP)
    200 W Williams / 3rd Friday / 3pm
  • Los Adobes de Maria (MFM)
    1026 W Boone / 2nd Monday / 3pm
  • St. John Neumann Church (MFP)
    966 W Orchard / 2nd Wednesday / 9-10am


  • Santa Rita Village (MFP)
    926 W. Apricot Ave / 4th Wednesday / 10:30am
  • First United Methodist Church (MFP)
    925 N F St / 3rd Monday / 3pm
  • Village Chapel (MFP)
    3915 Constellation / Last Friday / 3pm
  • Lompoc High School (MFP)
    515 W College Ave / Last Saturday / 8:30am


  • Family Service Center (MFP)
    4681 11th St / Last Thursday / 12noon
  • Ranch Acres (MFP)
    1050 Escalante St / 4th Tuesday / 3pm
  • Riverview Townhomes (MFM)
    3533 Empleo St / 4th Monday / 3pm

New Cuyama

  • Richardson Park (MFP)
    3rd Wednesday / 12noon

Program Partners

  • Santa Barbara Parks & Rec Department
  • St. Joseph’s Church
  • St. John Neumann Church
  • New Life Church
  • Housing Authority of Santa Barbara County
  • Catholic Charities
  • Lompoc Unified School District
  • People’s Self-Help Housing

Opportunities to Get Involved

  • Volunteer at your local Mobile Food Pantry or Mobile Farmers Market and assist in distributing food and nutrition education
  • Use your knowledge of nutrition to assist our Programs team with building the program, expanding nutrition education resources, and developing healthy eating materials
  • Donate to the Mobile Food Pantry/Mobile Farmers Program to provide additional assistance to clients in underserved areas