After-School Snack Program Tips and Training

As of October 1, 2014, the Foodbank will cease administrative sponsorship of the after-school snack program.

There are a number of different snack-type programs which are federally reimbursable, and you can see them listed here ( and there several which an individual school can operate on its own.  As the administrative load for the Foodbank and supervision and sponsorship of numerous agencies through out the county utilizes many of our limited resources, primarily in combining the sponsorship capacity for several programs, we would like to teach you how to be your own sponsor. Doing so will actually DECREASE your workload at the program level.

Requirements vary by program, and the point of contact for information and enrollment is listed at the bottom of the chart for each program.  We encourage you to explore the options available to you, and to select the best program for your needs.  The Foodbank has been operating the “SFSP Snack Program (CCNSP) and Summer Meals” program, and as a non-profit community based organization, each current snack partner should qualify for that same program on their own.  If this program is the one selected by a current snack program, our staff is experienced in the procedures and requirements, and is more than willing to help you become your own sponsor.

Currently, snack programs must complete snack count sheets and provide them to the Foodbank for processing.  The Foodbank stores all original snack count sheets for a period of 3 years (required by program rules).  By being its own sponsor, a site will have to maintain its own count sheet sfor a period of 3 years, but will receive reimbursement at the program rate (varies by program) from the California Department of Education (CDE).

This is an opportunity for your site to generate a small amount of revenue by operating your snack program!

The Foodbank will continue to maintain an inventory of snack-type items that will be available for purchase if a self-sponsored site wishes to utilize that service and our pricing, but a site is under NO obligation to do so.  By buying in bulk, we are able to receive great prices on our items which we can then share with the individual programs.  At the end of each month, a self-sponsored site will submit their numbers into the CDE website, and receive reimbursement at the established rate, regardless of the purchase price of the snacks distributed.

Of course, there are rules for the snacks (again, which vary by program) as far as how many ounces of a specific product is considered a snack, etc… but provided those requirements are met, your program can receive reimbursement.

We’re sorry to be stopping our sponsorship of this program, but the entire Foodbank is at your disposal to assist you in becoming your own sponsor, and to help you operate your own program.

The fiscal year (FY) for this program begins on October 1st of each year, and that is why that date has been selected for this change as we’ve already certified as your site’s sponsor for this FY.

Downloadable files and training materials for FSP Snack Program (CCNSP) and Summer Meals program.