North County Warehouse

490 W. Foster Rd.
Santa Maria, CA 93455
Phone: (805) 967-5741
Fax: (805) 937-8750

South County Warehouse

4554 Hollister Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: (805) 967-5741
Fax: (805) 683-4951

Education & Administration Center

1525 State St., Ste 100
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 967-5741
Fax: (805) 683-4951

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Erik Talkin, Chief Executive Officer (805) 967-5741 x 100

For the past eleven years, Erik’s goal has been to help the Foodbank become an organization that moves people from hunger to nutritional self-sufficiency and health – both for themselves and their communities.  Prior to the Foodbank, Erik spent six years as the Executive Director of the Community Kitchen of Santa Barbara. His author of two books: “Hunger into Health” (2018) and “Lulu and the Hunger Monster” (2020). Erik has a background as a writer and filmmaker and served as a principal in two production companies. His short film, “The Gallery,” starring Helena Bonham Carter was selected for the London Film Festival. He has won an International Television Association Award for writing and directing a Best Educational Drama and his theatrical work has been produced on the London Fringe. He serves on the Board of Directors of the California Association of Food Banks and the National Advisory Council of Feeding America.

Paul Wilkins, Chief Operations Officer – ext 405
Dan Thomas, Chief Development Officer – ext 101
Carrie Wanek, Chief Financial Officer – ext 113
Lisa Skvarla, Director of Community Engagement – mobile: (805) 403-2471
Lacey Baldiviez PhD, Director of Community Programs and Education – mobile: (805) 280-2064

(805) 967-5741

Our Operations team at the Foodbank is responsible for the safe and efficient distribution of nutritious food through our network of non-profits and community programs. With a fleet of over 10 vehicles and over 30,000 feet of warehouse space, we’re capable of fielding and distributing more food than any non-profit in the county.
Paul Wilkins, Chief Operations Officer – ext 405
Jesus Lopez, Warehouse Manager, Santa Barbara – ext 203
Temo Garcia, Warehouse Manager , Santa Maria- ext 302; mobile: 805-451-7085 
Jamie Diggs, Partner Services Manager – ext 303
Liz Woollard, Partner Services Coordinator – ext 211

Jesse Aguilar, Warehouse Supervisor, Santa Barbara – ext 205
Glen de St. Jean, Reclamation Supervisor – mobile: (805) 868-4856
Anthony Rodriguez, Operations and Disaster Services Specialist – ext 215

Ashley Arciniega, Administrative Assistant – Santa Maria
Roberto Ayala, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Barbara
Roxana Niz, Inventory Control Specialist – Santa Maria
Tim Chayra, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Maria
Oscar Guzman, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Barbara
Daniel Madrigal, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Maria
Armando Perez, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Maria
Josh Place, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Maria
Louie Reyes, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Maria
Haley Rojas, Warehouse Assistant, Grocery Rescue – Santa Barbara
Albert Tejada, Warehouse Assistant, Floor Lead – Santa Barbara
Martin Valdiviezo, Transportation Lead – Santa Maria
Murilo Vilela, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Barbara
Cynthia Youngern, Warehouse Assistant – Santa Maria


Contact this team to coordinate food drives, learn more about volunteering with the Foodbank, and arrange to have your excess fresh produce gleaned and donated.
Lisa Skvarla, Director of Community Engagement – (805) 403-2471
Kate Newbury, Community Engagement Manager and Backyard Bounty Coordinator, South County – (805) 729-8309
Kelli Padilla, Community Engagement Coordinator, North County – ext 301
Jordan Jenkins, Community Engagement Coordinator, South County – ext.213
Lena Childers, Community Engagement Assistant, South County – ext 209

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(805) 967-5741

Whether it’s a national food retailer or a neighbor with a fruit tree, our Food Sourcing team actively procures millions of pounds of healthy food every year. In addition to receiving daily donations from community members, local retailers, and farmers, we also purchase millions of pounds of food to supplement our donated inventory, often for only a few cents on the dollar.
Paul Wilkins, Chief Operations Officer- ext 405

(805) 967-5741

Carrie Wanek, Chief Financial Officer – ext 113
Sara Rudeen, Accounting/Human Resources Manager – ext 114
Wesley Ng, Agency Accounts Receivable and Finance Coordinator – ext 108


Lacey Baldiviez, PhD , Director of Community Programs & Education – (805) 280-2064
Jacqueline Valencia, Assistant Director, Community Programs & Education – (805) 699-8243
Daisy Basulto, CalFresh Outreach Coordinator – (805) 699-1198
Genesis Gutierrez, Community Programs Supervisor, North County – ext 313

Jareli Jimenez, Education Manager – (805) 698-1363
Javier Guerrero, Community Programs Coordinator, South County 
Monica Buenrostro, Community Programs Coordinator, North County – ext 305

DEVELOPMENT (Fundraising & Events)
(805) 967-5741

For more information about making a donation, attending a fundraising event, sponsoring a program or grant-related inquiries, please reach out to someone in this department.
Dan Thomas, Chief Development Officer – ext 101
Matthew Neal, Director of Strategic Gifts – ext 116
Laurel Alcantar, Senior Development Manager – ext. 304, or (805) 403-5354
Nathalie Keller, Senior Development Manager – ext 119
Judith Smith-Meyer, Marketing Communications Manager, (805) 967-5741, ext 104, or (805) 680-0625
Lauren Coiro, Grants Manager – ext 110
Anna Boren, Development Assistant, (805) 967-5741 ext 306 (Contact for giving statements.)
Rich Kaplan, Grant Writer
Megan Halpin, Marketing Assistant
Alex Varner, Development Associate