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Food Distributions

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Please DIAL 805-357-5761 for senior home delivery and other immediate information.  

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Food Distribution Sites 

We have over 50 active food distribution sites in order to meet the growing community need in the wake of COVID-19. we work with partner agencies all over the county to make food distributions as local and accessible as possible. Use the Google map below to find the site nearest you, or scroll down to a complete list by city. 

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SAFE Food Net Sites

Santa Barbara

Name/Address Days/Time Type of Pick-Up
Salvation Army
4849 Hollister Ave.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm Drive-thru
Westside Community Center
423 W. Victoria St.
Every Monday 1pm-3pm Drive-thru and Walk-in
Children’s Park
(Lower Westside) 520 Wentworth Ave
1st Tuesday each month, 1pm
2nd Tuesday each month, 1pm (Produce Only)
Franklin Community Center
1136 E Montecito St
3rd Tuesday each month, 1:30pm
Every Thursday 1pm (Produce Only)
Franklin Elementary School
1111 E Mason St., Santa Barbara
3rd Saturday, 8:30-10:30am walk-in
Presidio Springs
721 Laguna St
3rd Wednesday each month, 2pm-5pm Walk-in
Catholic Charities
609 E. Haley St.
Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm Walk-in
New Life Church
50 E. Alamar Ave
3rd Tuesday each month, 1pm-2:30pm Walk-in
Grace Food Pantry
3869 State St.
1st, 2nd & 4th Saturday, 9am-10am Walk-in
Santa Barbara City College 721 Cliff Drive Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2:30pm-4pm Walk-in
Positano Apartments
11 Camino De Vida
3rd Monday, 3pm Walk-in

Unity Shoppe

1401 Chapala St.

Monday-Friday, 12pm-5pm walk-in

Resilience Institute

2035 Bath St.

Fridays, 3-6pm walk-in

Iglesia Bautista

736 W Islay St.

3rd Thursday, 2pm walk-in




















Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
Carpinteria Children’s Project
5201 8th Street
2nd Wednesday*, beginning in June 3pm-5:30pm
July 14 (Carpinteria High School, 4810 Foothill Rd.)August 25* (4th Weds.)Sept. 8Oct. 13Nov. 10Dec. 8
Entry point is at the Carpinteria State Park driveway on Linden Avenue near the beach.







Goleta/Isla Vista

Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
Isla Vista Youth Projects 6842 Phelps Rd. 3rd Wednesday, 11:30am-5:30pm, By appointment only Call: Ana Maya 805-869-3303
UCSB 2837 UCEN (students only) Wednesdays 10am-2pm and Fridays 9am-1pm Walk-in
Good Shepherd Pantry 380 N Fairview 1st Saturday, 9-10am Drive-thru
Goleta Valley Church 595 N Fairview 3rd Saturday each month, 8am-10am Walk-in
Sandpiper Apartments375 Ellwood Beach Dr. 1st Thursday each month, 9am Walk-in

Goleta Valley Community Center 

5679 Hollister Ave.

2nd Saturday, 8:30-10:30am drive-thru

Deckers parking lot

250 Coromar Dr., Goleta

Last Saturday of the month, 8:30-10:30am walk-in









Solvang/Santa Ynez

Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
Bethania Lutheran Church 603 Atterdag Road Tuesdays, 5:15pm- 6:45pm Drive-thru and Walk-in
People Helping People 1760 Mission Drive Every Thursday, 12pm-4pm Walk-in



Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up

FSA Dorothy Jackson Resource Center 

El Camino School Auditorium, 320 N. J St.

Every Friday, 10am-12pm walk-in
Catholic Charities 352 N. 2nd St. Monday-Friday, 10am-11:45am and 12:30pm-2pm Walk-in
Lompoc High School515 W. College Ave Last Saturday each month, 8:30am Walk-in
Santa Rita Village 926 W. Apricot Ave 4th Wednesday each month, 10:30am Walk-in


Los Alamos

Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
People Helping People (S)260 Gonzales Drive Every Thursday, 10am-11am, produce only Walk-In


Santa Maria

Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
Orcutt Presbyterian Church 993 Patterson Rd. Every Friday, 2pm-4pm walk-in
Allan Hancock College 800 S. College Dr. 3rd Saturday 10am-1pm Drive-thru and Walk-in
Elks Lodge 1309 N. Bradley Rd.  Every Thursday, 9am Drive-thru
Catholic Charities 607 W. Main St. Every Tuesday and Friday, 12pm-2pm Walk-in
Oasis Orcutt Senior Center 420 Soares Ave. 3rd Thursday each month, 9:30am-11am Walk-in
St. John Neumann Church 966 W. Orchard St. 2nd Wednesday each month, 9am-10am Drive-thru
Coast Valley Worship Center 2548 S. Broadway Tuesdays, 10am-11am Walk-in
Angel Food/Pacific Christian 1217D S. Blosser Rd Saturdays, 8:30am-11:30am Drive-thru
Salvation Army 200 W. Cook Ave. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am-4pm Walk-in
Evans Park 200 W. Williams St. 3rd Friday each month, 1-3pm Walk-in
Rancho Hermosa 235 E. Inger Dr. 1st Friday each month, 3pm Walk-in

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

Santa Maria Warehouse, 490 W Foster Rd.

1st Saturday, 8:30am drive-thru

Boys & Girls Club

901 N. Railroad Ave., Santa Maria

2nd Saturday, 8:30am-10:30am walk-in 

American GI Forum

705 E Main St., Ste. 106

3rd Saturday, 8:30-10:30am drive-thru

Calvary Chapel

2620 Santa Maria Way

3rd Saturday, 10-11am walk-in

Christian Family Church

324 N. Suey Rd.

Tuesdays, 11am, produce only walk-in

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

402 S. Lincoln St.

Thursdays, 8:30-10am walk-in



Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
Buellton Senior Center 164 W. Hwy 246 (behind post office) Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm Walk-up
Crossroads Church 236 La Lata Dr. 2nd Wednesday, 11am-12pm Walk-up



Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
Guadalupe Senior Center 4545 10th Street First Thursdays 11:30am-2pm Walk-in
Family Service Center 4681 11th St Last Thursday each month, 12pm Walk-in
Ranch Acres 1050 Escalante Dr. 4th Tuesday each month, 3pm Walk-in
Beatitude House 267 Campodonico Ave. Tuesdays, 11:30am-12:45pm Walk-in


New Cuyama

Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
Cuyama Family Resource Center4689 Highway 166 3rd Friday each month, 11am Walk-in



Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
St. Patrick’s Church 501 Fair Oaks Ave. Tuesday – Thursday, 4pm-5pm Drive-thru



Name/Address Days/Times Type of Pick-Up
Nipomo Food Basket 197 W. Tefft St. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 10am-1pm Walk-in



Click Here for Prepared Hot Meals

The Foodbank and our partner programs regularly host food distributions of fresh produce and staple groceries throughout the county. Our distribution sites include our Mobile Farmers’ Markets, Mobile Food Pantries, and Brown Bag programs. Click here for information on prepared meals. 

Mobile Farmers’ Markets bring distributions of fresh fruits and vegetables  to low-income neighborhoods throughout Santa Barbara County. Anyone is welcome to come to any of these sites and pick up groceries free of charge; there is no sign-up or registration process necessary. 

Mobile Food Pantry brings distributions of nutritional staples like rice, beans, canned goods, bread, protein items, and fresh produce  to low-income neighborhoods throughout Santa Barbara County. Anyone is welcome to come to any of these sites and pick up groceries free of charge; there is no sign-up or registration process necessary. 

Brown Bag provides two bags of groceries and fresh produce each month to seniors facing food insecurity in Santa Barbara County. The program is designed to supplement food budgets and allow seniors to maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle. Brown Bag is open to all seniors with a maximum income of $2445.96 for individuals and $3311.54 for couples monthly and requires an application. To become a participant in the program, please fill out the form here. 

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County does not require documentation from community members who wish to receive food. We do not share any record of people receiving assistance with the federal government. We believe food is a basic human need and our food pantries and meal programs are there to feed people in need, regardless of race, religion or citizenship.

El Banco de Alimentos del Condado de Santa Barabara no requere documentacion de los miembros de la comunidad quien desean comida. Nosotros no compartimos ningun record de personas recibiendo asistencia con el gobierno federal. Nosotros creemos que la comida es una necesidad basico humano y nuestros bancos de alimentos y programas de alimentos estan aqui para alimentar personas en necesidad, independietamente raza, religion, o ciudadania.

More Information and Resources

  • To speak with a Foodbank representative for assistance: (805) 967-5741
  • Your family may qualify for CalFresh. CalFresh is a nutrition program that helps you feed your family healthy meals every day. It takes just 20 minutes to apply.
  • Find out more about all Foodbank Programs for children, families and seniors.
  • Find a free lunch for a child this summer with the Picnic in the Park Program.

Your identity is protected at all sites and you will be notified if photographs are being taken by the Foodbank or press. 

Outside of Santa Barbara County?

Find a food bank through Feeding America’s member network.