Major Food Donors

FOR MAJOR FOOD & PRODUCE DONORS (Farmer, Retailer, Major Food Manufacturer)

Thank you for considering the Foodbank for your food donation. Most of our donations come from the food industry; from farmers and retailers to major food manufacturers. The Foodbank ensures that your food donation reaches people in need.

You can donate with confidence. As a food donor you are protected from liability under the 1996 Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.

Donating to the Foodbank enables you to:

  • Capture tax benefits
  • Put excess inventory to good use

We welcome your surplus and imperfect food that is still edible and safe to consume and in most cases, we can pick up your product on the same day.

We are capable of handling the following:

  • Bulk quantities
  • Dry, refrigerated or frozen goods

Important: Contact for large food industry donations, not an individual or food drive donation.

If you are interested in a pickup or would like more information, please contact:
John Rivas, Warehouse Manager, or (805) 451-2438