Investing in the health of Santa Barbara County benefits us all. We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of over 6,000 committed supporters.

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Leadership Circle

AG Against Hunger

As one of the Foodbank’s local partners, AG Against Hunger distributes their produce to Food Banks and other non-profit agencies. Their primary recipients are food banks in the tri-county area, and then surrounding area food banks, state-wide food banks, and national-wide food banks.


At the heart of Albertson’s charitable giving is the idea that being a good corporate citizen is an ongoing responsibility. By helping to create stronger communities, Albertsons enhances the quality of life for customers and associates.

Apio Produce Sales

Apio takes pride in their extensive quality assurance and food safety programs. They monitor our processes every step of the way to ensure nothing but the best fresh-cut vegetables reach the community.

Baroda Farms

Baroda Farms grows and supplies fresh artichokes to grocery stores, farmers markets and local restaurants on the Central Coast of California.

Better Produce

Better Produce has been operating since 1988. As a family owned and operated company Better Produce takes special care in everything to ensure taste, quality, service and most of all safety.


Bonipak grows, harvests, cools, processes and ships millions of cartons of fresh vegetables to retailers, wholesalers and food service customers all over the world.

CJJ Farming


“Driscoll’s donates funds and our independent growers provide thousands of pounds of berries to the Foodbank each year. The Foodbank plays a vital role in keeping our families fed and nourished. To us, the Foodbank is like bread and water – staples in the survival of our community.” Kelley K. Bell, Director of Community & Environmental Initiatives, Driscoll’s

Dynasty Farms

Feeding America

Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks and the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Together, Feeding America provide food to more than 46 million people through 60,000 food pantries, community kitchens, and emergency shelters across America.

Hollandia Produce

With generations of experience growing in greenhouses the Hollandia family of farms in Carpinteria are an amazing partner to the Foodbank. For over 15 years Hollandia has been donating beautiful living lettuce year round!

Innovative Produce

Innovative Produce grows organic and conventional broccolli, cauliflower and lettuce in the Santa Maria Valley. They have also been instrumental in our Pick and Pack program, where their harvest crews field sort cosmetically damaged product into reusable produce totes supplied by the Foodbank.


Jordano’s work has been selling food in Santa Barbara County for over 100 years and has become one of the largest distributors of food in community. We are very thankful for the decades of support from Jordano’s who has donated a wide range of high-quality produce, diary products and frozen foods. We are so thankful for a partner like Jordano’s to help fight hunger in Santa Barbara County.

Porterville Gleaners

Porterville Gleaners is a volunteer run non-profit organization whose goal is to help alleviate hunger by collecting edible, surplus food that would be thrown away and distributing it to agencies that feed the hungry. The concept of picking up and redistributing food is a simple weapon in the fight against hunger. Though our program does not address the root causes of poverty and socio-economic inequalities, we do have a major impact on hunger locally.

Red Cross

This CA Wildfire recovery project was funded in part by a grant from the American Red Cross.


Santa Barbara Farms


We are grateful to Walmart for their ongoing commitment to fight hunger. The Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign is critical to our ability to raise awareness about the issue, secure more local funds and, ultimately, provide greater access to more people in need in Santa Barbara County.

Windset Farms

Windset Farms’ mandate is to provide reliable, healthy and nutritious food that meets the demands of an increasing population and a delicate planet. It’s a global, long-term vision that incorporates good economics, optimum yields and consumer health.

Fruit of the Earth Champions

Combs Distribution

Edward Silva & Sons Inc.

Rancho Harvest

Sheldon Ranch

Spinaca Farms

Spinaca Farms proudly farm and partner with like-minded family farmers throughout California and Arizona who share the same love for farming, feeding families, and ensuring the quality, sustainability, availability, and safety of produce.