According to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) website, “the FNS Food Distribution Programs’ mission is to strengthen the Nation’s nutrition safety net by providing food and nutrition assistance to school children and families; and support American agriculture by distributing high quality, 100% American-grown USDA Foods.”
For the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, this program is about supplementing the amount of nutritious and healthy food on the table’s of our county’s residents.

We have a number of open attendance distribution sites around the county that accomplish this mission on a month to month basis, and greatly appreciate all that they do to help us in this endeavor.

The only authorized signature sheet to be used at USDA sites is this one.  All other forms are obsolete, and if they are still in use, that use must be immediately discontinued.

Each USDA Distribution Site must have each of these forms prominently displayed, with income guidelines posted at the same location as the sign in sheet.

  1. Income Guidelines 2014 – English
  2. Income Guidelines 2014 – Spanish
  3. And Justice For All Poster
  4. USDA Notice to Public

If a site allows alternate pick-up (the person ultimately receiving the distribution is not physically able to attend the distribution, so a proxy is used at the site), a copy of the below form must be completed and brought to the site. Please ensure the form is complete, to include full names of both parties.

  1. Alternate Pickup 2014 -English
  2. Alternate Pickup 2014 – Spanish

In addition to the usual Agency Monitoring Form, a USDA Distribution Site will also have the USDA Site Visit Form completed upon a site review by the Foodbank’s Compliance Department.

Additional Forms and Tools

USDA Monthly Report – Instructions