Backyard Bounty

Launched in 2005

Got Fruit? Your harvest helps Foodbank!

Do you have extra fruit trees or vegetables growing in your backyard? Don’t let your bounty go to waste. The Foodbank gladly accepts produce donations from your backyard and may even help pick it.

Who is Served

Anyone who receives food from the Foodbank.

Role in Continuum of Programs

Program Impact

The produce received from Backyard Bounty not only helps the Foodbank and its member agencies by providing more fresh produce, but it also offers so many opportunities for our community to be involved in the Foodbank.

Program Sites

Local Farms and properties of our community including homes.

Program Partners

Companies, groups and individuals in our community wishing to participate.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Interested in Participating?

Here are ways to get involved:

  1. Harvest Your Own YardIf you have less than 5 fruit trees in your yard that you would like to donate and can manage harvesting the fruit on your own, we would love to receive your donation. Simply pick the fruit when it’s ripe and bring it down to one of our warehouses. Be sure to stop by the office when you come to receive a tax receipt for your donation. If you are able to harvest but need tools or equipment, please email
  2. Get Help from the CommunityIf you are unable to harvest your own fruit, we may be able to help. Due to high demand, Backyard Bounty will organize group harvests only for properties with 5 trees or more. If you have less than 5 trees but still need help harvesting, here are some tips:
    • Have a gardener help harvest the fruit
    • Enlist the help of friends, relatives, and neighbors
    • Rally other resources within the neighborhood such as kids/youth
    • Enlist the help of your/local church or local boy/girl scouts
    • Solicit other neighbors to participate and have a harvest morning where multiple trees are collectively gleaned
  3. Sign up for a Harvest with Backyard BountyIf you have 5 trees or more in your backyard and would like to schedule a harvest with Backyard Bounty, please email

    Your email should include:

    • Your Name
    • Physical address for the harvest
    • # of Trees
    • Type(s) of Fruit
    • Estimate of when your fruit will be ripe

Please note that due to high demand, Backyard Bounty may not be able to schedule a harvest, and priority will be given to properties with the most fruit. Whenever possible, please harvest the fruit yourself. If you are able to pick the fruit but cannot deliver it to our warehouse, please give us a call at (805) 967-5741 x103 (South County) NS (805) 937-3422 X12 (North County).

Plant a Row for the Foodbank

As part of your garden this year, we encourage you to ‘Plant A Row’. Plant A Row is a nationwide initiative intended to connect home gardeners with extra produce and a means of distribution to those in need

For more information, please contact:
Call or email  Backyard Bounty Coordinator at or (805) 403-8327 .

To become a Foodbank Volunteer for this program, please visit our volunteer page.

Backyard Bounty needs volunteers to harvest, serve as a harvest leaders, help with administrative assistance and canvas neighborhoods and spread the word.

Time: Harvests take place weekday mornings as well as occasional evenings and Saturdays.

All ages welcome (with parental supervision)as there is always something to do that fits your abilities. Please wear long sleeves and close-toed shoes. Bring a hat/ sun block/ water/ snacks/ glasses.