End Hunger Games: Businesses Competing for a Cause

October 1st through November 30th

The End Hunger Games is a friendly competition among local companies of all sizes to give dollars, food, and volunteer time for the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.

In addition to fostering friendly rivalry and company spirit, the End Hunger Games are a fun way for company teams to learn about hunger in Santa Barbara County and become involved in building healthy communities.

Each giving category has a points value:

$1 = 10 Points

1 Pound = 5 Points

1 Hour = 10 Points

An employee-to-point ratio levels the playing field. Companies are encouraged to design a creative Games strategy for their team, with department challenges, office cook-offs, or canned food sculpture contests. A company match can also inspire teams and supporters to give.

A custom End Hunger Games website page allows each team to share news and drum up support through email, social media, hashtags, and photos.

For more information about the End Hunger Games and the Foodbank, contact Corporate Development Manager Nathalie Keller.