Thanksgiving Virtual Food Drive

**November 23, 2016: Thanks to your generosity, we, alongside our 300 nonprofit partners and programs, have distributed 539,062 nutritious meals this month, 2,000 chickens and 1,670 turkeys to those in need*** We need your continued support through December to reach 1.25 M meals.

The Foodbank hopes to serve 1.25 Million Meals to 30,000 Santa Barbara County families this holiday season. Our Annual Holiday Food Drive kicks off on Tuesday, November 1 with Thanksgiving donations, and will continue through December 31. The Foodbank needs to raise $100,000 in addition to 100,000 pounds of critical food donations to provide these 30,000 county families with healthy and nutritious meals throughout the upcoming holidays. To do so, we’re launching a “Virtual Food Drive” where supporters can select to donate various food items or meals for families in need online.

Virtual Food Drive: Anyone can participate in the Foodbank’s Virtual Food Drive by clicking here and selecting from the various foods and meals for families that will go towards funding the 1.25 million meals.

Donate at Foodbank facilities: Those wishing to donate food at Foodbank facilities are encouraged to donate healthy food items such as frozen turkeys or chickens (2,000 needed), rice, canned fruits and vegetables, beans, peanut butter, tuna, oatmeal, cereal, stuffing and cranberries at the Foodbank facilities:

November 1st – November 23th
Donation accepted at our facilities 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM with extended hours until 5:30 pm November 14 – 18.

Deadline for all turkey donations was Friday, November 18. If you wish to donate a turkey/chicken close to Thanksgiving, we will happily use it for our December distribution. 


Important Dates:

  • Nov 1 – 24                   Thanksgiving Virtual Food Drive
  • Nov 1 – Dec 23            End Hunger Games
  • Nov 1 –  30                  Bank of America Give A Meal Matching Gift Challenge (match met)
  • Nov 12                         Join Jacob & Spencer’s Saturday Family Day Food Drive & Festival (SB)
  • Nov 18                         Deadline for 2,000 turkey and chicken donations — early donations                                             ensure the Foodbank can distribute these birds to 300 nonprofit                                                   partners in time for Thanksgiving!
  • Nov 19                         Letter Carriers Food Drive (SB)
  • Dec 1 – 31                   Support the Foodbank and 300 of your favorite charities