The Foodbank logo gets a makeover!

The Foodbank logo gets a makeover! Thursday, May 30th the Foodbank launched its new logo designed to express a focus on community empowerment and education for everyone in Santa Barbara County.

We are so excited to showcase our new colors, design and friendly orange mascot (who still needs a name!). Our adorable little icon can now be seen at our warehouses, our website and around the county as a decal sticker. Children and adults alike love seeing and snapping pictures with its cheerful face at our events and appearances.

We want to hear from you! Everyone in the community is invited to help name our new icon! Cast your vote today on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Our new mascot and logo outwardly show our reinvigorated commitment: empower our community by providing healthy food, nutrition education programs and lifelong learning tools.

Foodbank CEO Erik Talkin explains our logo transition: “Our current logo has served us well for the last ten years as we pivoted our focus from just providing food to providing fresh produce and healthy groceries. But our expanded people-centered focus on education and empowering everyone to eat healthfully whenever resources are limited, as in the case of disaster, calls for a new look.”

Erik reiterated this message at our press-release gathering on Thursday, in which Foodbank staff celebrated the message of the new logo and all that it represents. The Foodbank and its logo now emphasize that our community partnership is not only about what the Foodbank does but also includes how the Foodbank can empower the community.

After an exciting journey in which the design was voted on by residents countywide, you can now view the new logo on our website and warehouses, and in the coming weeks, on our fleet of 14 trucks.

We are also happy to announce that the Foodbank is now offering a new way to make donations: by purchasing our new eco-conscious, organic and adorable merchandise at All available gifts feature our new logo, and they include organic cotton tote bags, aprons, men’s and women’s t-shirts and hoodies, Miir water bottles, enamel pins and more. To donate, please visit

Article written by Rachel Digiambattista, June 2019