Thanks to Renee Paul

Thanks to Renee Paul!!

Renee has been an incredible volunteer at the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County! She is always willing to help, has a positive attitude, and loves to learn. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience her growth as a community outreach representative.

When we set up our table to promote the Foodbank in the community the first time, Renee was shy and reserved. After watching my presentation once, Renee mustered up the courage and started talking to people herself! Soon enough, she was the one engaging everyone who walked by! After that first “training session,” Renee built up the confidence to man the booth herself and has been doing so ever since! This is extremely helpful for the Foodbank!

Having multiple successful community outreach representatives enables the Foodbank to educate more people about what we do and get more people excited to get involved. I believe in capitalizing upon people’s strengths, but sometimes people do not realize what their strengths are until they step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. I’m extremely proud of Renee’s accomplishments and it is such an honor to be a mentor in her life.