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Report: A Snapshot of Poverty in Santa Barbara County 2013 (14MB PDF)*

*Foodbank CEO Erik Talkin was among the 16 community leaders invited to offer critical insights and ideas through key informant-interviews.

25th Hour Disaster Preparedness Conference Summary and Findings

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Disaster Feeding Plan

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For questions, please contact: Judith Smith-Meyer, Marketing Communications Manager – (805) 967-5741 x 104.

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For Press Releases

Use this boilerplate text in press releases:
“The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is transforming hunger into health by eliminating food insecurity through good nutrition and food literacy. The Foodbank provides nourishment and education through a network of more than 300 nonprofit community partners and more than 2,000 volunteers annually. In Santa Barbara County, one in four people receive food support from the Foodbank, which equates to more than 191,000 unduplicated people, 41% of whom are children. Last year, the Foodbank distributed 12.5 million pounds of food – nearly half of which was fresh produce. The Foodbank is assuming a major leadership role in countywide disaster preparedness with initiatives including a host of Covid-19 response programs, disaster food boxes, disaster feeding plan, establishing a new south county warehouse and updating our trucks for safer food storage and transport. For more information, visit”

Please email Judith Smith-Meyer, Marketing Communications Manager – (805) 967-5741 x 104 for approval before distribution of the release.

Quoting the Foodbank

“The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is proud to partner with (YOUR BUSINESS NAME) because they believe in our mission to end hunger in Santa Barbara County. Together, we have invested in XXXX meals for local community members in need.” (Use a $1=8 meals metric)

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